Hirsch Creek Canyon, Kitimat BC


This was my first run with the boys down this magnificent canyon.  Probably the best run I have ever done.  As some pros commented about the run last year before they headed off to do the stikine.  “It can barely be done thats a good run.  The crux of the run is at the end of the canyon.  It starts with a must make ferry in front of a class 5 plus waterfall(triple drop) to make a small eddy to do the portage.  The portage is a big  one requiring some rope and team work.  You put back in and then have to run the third drop of triple drop(unportagable, run it left with a boof)  Then a class 3 rapid where a few years ago Pat flipped, swam and ended up swimming through “patapolt” a yet unrun class 6.  Luckily he came through physically unscathed although I’m sure he still has nightmares.  The class 3 actually has an easy sneak on the left and then its an easy ferry to the right to portage patapolt.  The last crux is slingshot, again no portage here.  The water is screaming by and chaotic from the patapolt immediately upstream.  You must drive back into this flow immediately upstream of a rock.  Yikes.  On this trip I actually flipped here took some soft shots upside down then rolled up at the end.  What a rush and what a way to finish this awesome run!


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